12 Reasons People Who Shower At Night Are Doing It Right

Let us all agree that bathing is tiring! a time consuming activity we do everyday. In fact start our day with!
Why not take a bath in the night and make things easier for the next morning? Still not convinced? Here are 16 reasons to clear the confusion and have a squeaky clean shower before a wonderful night dreaming:

#1 Night Or Day?

There are two types of people in this world, those that shower before jumping into bed and those that wait until the morning. Many of us have our reasoning for waiting until the a.m to wash our bodies, but it’s definitely the night showers that make the most sense.

#2 Get Up!

The most sensible part about showering before bed even when you’re delirious is that you’ll get extra sleep before starting your day. One of the best feelings in the world is know that you don’t have to wake up as early because you’re already fresh and clean.

#3 Morning Fresh

Many people will present the argument that morning showers wake them up in the morning, but to that we say just wash your face. Your body needs water to hydrate and give you energy, and a good face scrubbing can achieve the same thing as jumping into the shower before work or school.

#4 Smart Thinking

We’re all pretty delirious when waking up, which means you might not clean your entire body if your’e still falling asleep while showering in the a.m. Night shower individuals are simply very prepared people that realize just how much they hate waking up!


#5 Simply Delicious

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t you want more time in the morning to sit and eat a healthy breakfast without rushing and swallowing your food whole? Btw, whoever made this breakfast should become a professional chef if they aren’t’ already.

#6 Fresh Sheets

Imagine all the dirt and sweat you build up while moving around during the day, then imagine your sheets soaking that all in when you get into bed without a shower. While you should wash your sheets often, no one wants to do it every other day to get out the daily stench you accumulate.

#7 Best. Feeling. Ever

Seriously there is no better sleep in this world than the one you’ll get after just showering. Your bodies freshly shaved, scrubbed and knows it’s time to knock out! Don’t you wanna be next to this little guy feeling fresh and cozy?

#8 So Cozy

Unwinding from a hectic day can only be done if you’ve pampered your body with soap and warm water as if you’ve just left a spa. That also means the pets may have to sleep in their own spots to avoid any unnecessary fur or dirt in your bed.


#9 No More Rushing

There’s always a time limit as to how long you can shower in the morning without completely being late for work or an event, so why put yourself through it? You can stand in the warm bath as long as you’d like to if you do it before going to sleep!

#10 The Towel

And don’t even get us started on the towel-lounging, because that’s the most important part of a shower. You can eat, watch tv and comb your hair before you ever have to remove your cozy towel and jump into bed.

#11 The Dry Time

Blow dry your body for as long as you please at night, because it’ll make sleeping that much better. This is when you can run that machine for as long as you want, because the only thing you have to do after is snore your life away.

#12 Think About It

It’s always cold in the morning, so why put yourself through waiting for the pipes to push out warm water? It’s better to throw on your clothes than jump in the shower when it’s freezing, duh! We really hope we’ve convinced you just why showering before bed beats the morning every time, and if not well then have a great time being cold when you wake.