13 Times Restaurants Tried Too Hard To Be Creatively Cool!

Nowadays, the concept of creativity has become so popular that even the restaurants are trying to implement it. Unfortunately, showing it off is not so simple. If anything went wrong, it may just be a disaster.
Keep on reading to find pics from restaurants that have gone too far in wanting to please picky clients with interesting presentation!

#1 Lady Gaga!

This has taken Lady Gaga’s meat dress to a whole other level! I think you’d be pretty scared and mortified if you ordered some meat and this came out… Imagine being served up a plastic doll in a restaurant?!

#2 What is a bowl of olives?

You will not be very amused when you get just two olives decoratively placed on silver spoons with a tree when you order a bowl of olives!

#3 Where do I start!

This definitely made me hungry! But this is too much for one single person! also from where do I start? i don’t want something to drop off while I am picking out something else! Also where i my plate? I cant just eat SO MUCH off the sticks!

#4 A coffee in a carrot

Now, this is definitely something we’ve never seen before. I never knew there was anything in a carrot that helped compliment coffee.

#5 They surely can’t be wrong

This is hilarious. I think this would make us all laugh if we got served up our scotch egg in an actual trophy! It seems a little bit excessive to do this… but we wouldn’t be complaining!


#6 Ordered a glass of orange juice and got presented with this

You would be mortified. How lazy can you get? I would be offended if someone handed this over to me in a restaurant!

#7 These look incredible

Yes, these look absolutely incredible. But, do you think they’re a little bit excessive or not? I think one of these looks like enough calories for the whole day!

#8 Never been served food on a shovel before!

This is definitely an unusual one… imagine ordering a full breakfast and seeing someone coming over to your table with a shovel?!

#9 Seems a little bit excessive for a strawberry cut in half

It seems like this restaurant has really gone above and beyond to display one strawberry cut in half. It seems a little bit too much to display a strawberry on a gold chair.


#10 Delicious… deep fried food on a spinning wheel, don’t mind if I do!

Could you think of anything more divine than this? I think some people would be more distracted with spinning the wheel round and round than eating the food!

#11 They must have a big freezer to serve a salad on a hand!

This must take a lot of preparation. In what world is this considered normal?! I’d be a little on edge if I was served up a salad on an ice hand.

#12 Afternoon tea in a bookshelf

Well, I certainly haven’t seen anything like this before. There’s nothing more delicious than afternoon tea, but served on a miniature bookshelf is truly exciting! Do you think this is a little bit excessive?

#13 They’ve tried to be classy and ended up looking ridiculous

This is definitely a low-budget restaurant that decided to try and look as classy as possible. As most of us can agree, they definitely failed. How annoyed would be if you ordered a chicken caesar salad and you were presented with this?