This Is Why You Should Never Invite Your Ex To Your Wedding!

Your wedding is an emotional day, it is all about celebrating your love with your partner – so how does an ex-fit in that situation?
When you envision your wedding day, you are likely to think yourself floating down the aisle, the photographer capturing every moment of yours in your dream dress, walking slowly towards your partner – so it is all fun until your ex-shows up! Damn!
Although rules of wedding etiquette are changing frequently, no matter how advanced we become, the presence of your ex will make your wedding awkward.
However, taking wedding vows in front of your ex, with whom you once dreamt of spending your life makes it more memorable.
But… but… what are family and friends actually thinking when they sit down for hours finalizing the possible guest list and put an ex on it?
Do you think he is going to have a good time or do you think inviting him to your wedding will really make him feel regretful?

Well, have you ever been to such a wedding? If no, then this girl has brought you the virtual experience of how it is going to be like if someone invites your ex to one of your happiest days.

If you have been called to watch how your dream girl sparks the wedding hall with the love she shares with her fiancé, why would you go?

I mean, if you are wanting to torture yourself then opt for a root canal darling!

And imagine if your ex-shares all teeny tiny details about your sex life to everyone… When you walk in, all eyes will ball out towards you!

Every guest knows all the unspeakably filthy things you did in bed. WOAH!

Moreover, if anything goes wrong at the ceremony like… Ummm the groom gets cold feet or if the bride accidentally trips – whether you are near the scene of the crime or not, all fingers will point at you! Lol!

But this guy tried to save himself from all the pinpointers by dressing himself like a… oh you see it yourself!

But I can surely conclude that he wasn’t too excited to BEE there!
No matter how entertaining the ceremony was for the ex-couple, it surely was an unforgettable one for the rest of the guests. And the bride had only been sorry!
So, there’s no way around to the fact that your ex’s fiancé is going to be a better and a hotter version of you. 

How’s that? 

Watch the full video here:

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