These Students Found The World's Most Beautiful Teacher In The World

Ask a bunch of kids how much they love math and you’ll likely only get one or two raised hands. Face it, for most of us, math is an enigma, and we hate it. But some students are fortunate enough to have such a beautiful math teacher, that their grades, or something else, will likely shoot up during this school year.

The Sexy Equationmath-1

How do you keep a bunch of bored students from falling off their desks from sheer boredom? Simple, you hire a super sexy teacher to teach them about the world’s most hated subject.

Undivided Attention

This woman has gone totally viral, but what makes her so special? Maybe it’s that skimpy outfit that barely covers anything below the crotch area. You gotta admit, it’s certainly worthy of anyone’s undivided attention.

The Beauty Componentmath-3

Oksana Neveselaya is from Minsk, Belarus and studied at the National University of Kiev to become a teacher. But boy, does she look hot while she scribbles equations on the whiteboard.

45-Seconds Of Heavenmath-4

Students filmed the gorgeous teacher during class and it quickly went viral. The short video of the beautiful blonde wearing a form-fitting sleeveless gray dress and caged sandals and wavy hair has made guys who are dropouts and graduates want to migrate to Belarus and re-enroll in school.

The Square Root Of Famemath-5

Oksana has accrued a massive Instagram following of 674k since the video swept YouTube and the number of likes on her Facebook page has also jumped over 3,000 percent in only a few weeks.

Geometric Hotness

Her curves are to die for. If only math teachers were as beautiful as she was, it would certainly spark a lot more interest in an otherwise unpopular subject. But there’s something about her that’s as elusive as trigonometry.

Quantum Tractate Delirium

If kids bomb math in her class, then there are only two explanations for that. They’re either too distracted by her hotness to focus on the various theorems, or they’re intentionally failing so they can repeat the class with her.


Oksana is sizzling hot and has become a web sensation overnight. Fortunately, her lucky students have managed to sum things up so they can concentrate in class and impress Ms. Neveselaya.

It’s So Basic

You might be wondering why someone this beautiful is wasting her time in such an unrewarding career. Well, Oksana prefers to see it as though she’s teaching everyone that sensuality and intelligence go hand in hand.

Head Of The Class

Oksana is stunning and has probably left her students breathless when she writes out equations. But she’s also sent fans from around the world into a frenzy with her racy snapshots.

She Can Show You The World

With her Instagram, Oksana has posted photos of her travels to Pulau Langkawi, Kedah, Genting Highlands and the Batu Caves. Recently she traveled to Malaysia during the holiday. Clearly, she can show us the world as well as she does math.

Distance Is Just A Number

In a snap, she captioned, “Distance means so little when someone means so much.” Of course, she was referring to a Facebook photo which shows her smiling with a massive bouquet of flowers. So to all you hopeful suitors, take a hike, cause it looks like she’s taken.

Mistaken Identity

According to The Mirror, who also covered the story after it went viral, Oksana is not actually a teacher at all. She’s actually a 17-year-old student, who reportedly sucks at math. So the woman in the video remains a genuine mystery.

It’s The Wrong Answermath-14

Oksana claims that the images of her were pasted alongside the video along with all of her personal information, wrongly identifying her as this attractive math teacher in the video.

The Algorithmic Doppelganger

It’s easy to see why Oksana had been confused with her as of yet unidentified doppelganger. But Oksana has repeatedly tried convincing people that it’s not her at all, but she’s grown exponentially tired of trying to prove it over and over again.