How Weird Is Japan? 15 Things That’ll Make You Go WHAT?!

Wonderful, weird and downright wacky – Japan’s thought of it all. In a country where technology and creativity reign supreme, the abnormal is quite the norm! From octopus-flavored ice cream to cosmetically-enhanced canines, Japan is the queen of quirky. Here are 15 of the most outlandishly odd inventions you’ll only ever see in Japan!

Have A (Quirky) Break

You’ll certainly need to take a break after checking out the crazy range of KitKat flavors available! You can probably play it safe with strawberry cheesecake or apple, but is there really any reason to try hot chili or edamame flavor?

Scream For… Octopus?

If Japan’s weird KitKat flavors aren’t enough for you, grab a tub of octopus ice cream. In fact, how about a triple scoop of garlic, charcoal and horsemeat? Yum!

Mop-a-Bye Baby

Forget the hard work of mopping the floor the old-fashioned way. Japan’s Baby Mop is a one-piece outfit that allows your little one to do their share of housework!

Pick Your Knickers

Undies from a vending machine is one thing – USED undies from a vending machine is quite another! Yep, these knickers are designed to look like they’ve been worn before – which is a whole new level of kinky!

Nuts For Noodles

If you don’t know ramen, get yourself to a ramen museum! In fact, get your fill from all three – Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, Cup-Noodles Museum in Yokohama, and the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum in Osaka.

Maid to Work Out

Lifting weights and pounding the treadmill is apparently more fun with a French maid standing by! Japan’s French Maid gym has personal trainers dressed in 50s French maid outfits ready to assist with gym equipment and working out.

More Mayo, Pleasejapan-7

Most of us love a bit of mayo on our burger or sandwich, but the Japanese don’t stop there. Their traditional Kewpie mayonnaise is dumped on everything from potato chips and spaghetti sauce to pancakes and even ice cream!

Lady Bites

Hey ladies – if you avoid eating burgers in public for fear of the mess, fear no more! Japan’s Liberation Wrapper allows you to pig out behind a ‘ladylike’ printed mask. No more embarrassing bites!

Fangs Very Much

Ever dreamed of a snaggletooth-studded smile? For a few hundred bucks you can have your own set of yabea: mini-fangs attached to your canines. Looks like the vampire craze isn’t over yet.

The Happy Hour Hotels

Couples who need a bit of, ahem, ‘privacy’ for a couple of hours need not pay for a full night! Japan’s Love Hotels allow you to rent a themed room by the hour for ‘rest’… or anything else you might get up to!

Owl Have A Latte, Please

Bored of cat cafes? Head to one of Tokyo’s Owl Cafés and enjoy your mocchacino in the company of a few wide-eyed feathered friends instead.

Be Miss Pop-ular

Love bubble wrap?? The Japanese do! The Bubble Wrap keychain will keep you pop-pop-popping all day long.

Drift Off to Lapland

Single men rejoice! Japanese enginners have made all your wildest dreams come true with this very obliging lap pillow. Just place your head on top of them and drift off to Neverland.

Super Loo

When you gotta go, you’ve gotta go – so why not make it an enjoyable experience? Plonk yourself onto a Japanese electric toilet seat and enjoy music, a heated throne and a thorough “wash” to finish!

Put a Cap On It

No visit to Japan is complete without a stay in a capsule hotel. It’s the perfect alternative for those who hate the snorers and smelly feet of hostel rooms – as long as you’re not claustrophobic!