14 Of The Most Bizarre Wedding Dresses Ever!

Most women plan their wedding for years, some of them planning the wedding their entire lives. They want it to be like it happens in a fairy tale and why shouldn’t it be like that? They deserve it, right? While most of the women plan their wedding like no one has done ever before, they seem to forget that the wedding dresses are supposed to be great. While they make sure to bring uniqueness to life, they forget that they are overdoing something.

Here are the 14 most bizarre wedding dresses ever.

1. POP! Looks like some major LADY GAGA GOALS happening here!

2. Three balls but a single bride

3. The body paint bride, because a dress is expensive. 

4. The cocoon because I am too shy to come out. 

5. Cost cutting is one thing, but arranging two things at a time is…

6. The latex balloon bride

7. Birth control already with the diaper mommy!

8. Nope, she did not start the fire.

9. Cream puffs, anyone?

10. Because she got married outdoors in the thick of summer.

11. Maybe some things should remain a mystery.

12. This bride took her love of sheep in a completely different direction.

13. The world’s longest dress. Oh, boy, this won’t end today. 

14. The cheer bride; when High School lovers get married.