We Bet You Never Thought These 15 Jobs Existed, But They're VERY Real

These jobs around the world will surely have you thanking the one you have or actually reconsidering a new career path. It’s never too late! Here are all the craziest jobs people have around the world that make ours look like a boring 9-to-5 snooze fest.

The Duck Whisperer

Some fancy hotels hire people just to take care of the ducks in their ponds. Happy ducks, happy guests, am I right?

Ashes To Ashes

This job may be the weirdest ever because you work with ashes…of the dead. A company in Virginia is known for hiring artists to create portraits using this “unusual” element for the families of the dead. Hmm, okay?

Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry?

Maybe not, especially if you are a professional apologizer. No, seriously! This is what happens in Japan, where a person can be hired to apologize for someone else. Some of them even make over $70 usd per hour.

Human Scarecrow

Well, this is basically self explanatory. There have been a number of students in the UK hired to play the role of a scarecrow. Yeah, seriously! On a positive note, you can get quite the suntan while doing this job.

The Paint Watcherweird-5

Are you interested in art but not really an artist? Well, you can watch over paint as it dries. Your job would be to make sure it’s durable. Keith Jackson gets paid to come up with a formula that helps paint dry faster, so he often touches walls to see if the paint is already dry. This sounds like a colorful job.

The Ocean Needs You

This job will require you to be in the middle of the Ocean. Actually, wherever icebergs are present. A professional iceberg mover must be quite sought after these days where global warming seems to be affecting us all. Their role is to move icebergs from areas in which they’re melting. Wow!

Sleeping Beautiesweird-7

Why wake up when you can sleep and get paid for that? A Finnish company advertised a professional sleeper job where people would be connected to a machine to measure brain waves and help doctors and scientists retrieve sleeping data.

Rock That Runway

You know that in Sri Lanka elephants are the bomb, so this position would be quite the job. Professional elephant dressers make sure the elephants look posh, trendy and colorful for ritualistic ceremonies that involve these noble, giant animals.

We Are All Equal

If you’re more on the political, human rights side you might wanna try a job as a gender equality consultant. The idea is to make sure gender stereotypes are not being enforced in an organization or at the workplace.

Ostrich Babysitterweird-10

Babysitting just got redefined by this position. There are no babies or children, just ostriches, and you can earn up to $20 an hour. Your job would be to make sure ostriches don’t peck at each other, or harm one another. I don’t know about you but I’ve heard that ostriches have a really bad temper!

The Sex Masterweird-11

The job is called chicken sexer and the description goes like this: figure out the gender of the chickens. It’s that simple! They both have different feeding programs so hatcheries need to know their sex. They’re cute and all, but would you do it?


These men in Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina basically watch after your car while you’re gone and keep it safe from thieves or mischievous teenagers. The irony is that if you don’t pay them for doing this service, then they’ll scratch your car or ruin it somehow.

In Constant Mourning

If you can cry on command then this is the job for you. A professional mourner is paid to cry at funerals and apparently, it’s a growing industry!


In Japan, oshiyas have the exhausting job of pushing people onto trains as rush hour is 10 times more packed than you ever imagined. In order to make everyone fit, these men make sure everyone’s inside the wagons so the train can finally take off.

The Shock Of Your Lifeweird-15

Well if you’re in Mexico and you’ve had too much to drink, “toqueros” are people that walk around with batteries will give you a shock to sober you up. I mean, it’s better than a DUI.