This Is What The Cast Of Twilight Would've Looked Like If Stephenie Meyer Had Her Way

It’s been ten years since the first “Twilight” movie hit theaters. So, on the eve of this epic anniversary, we’re taking a look at who Twilight author Stephenie Meyer would have cast for the films. Sorry Steph, but the OG cast was amaze-balls, so we’re not really sure why Stephenie would’ve had it any other way!

Up, Up And Away

Sebastian Artz / Getty Images, Summit

In the novels, Stephenie compared kissing a vampire to making out with cold marble. But what about steel? Stephenie would have rather picked “Man of Steel” actor Henry Cavill over Robert Pattinson. Cavill might be cute, but he couldn’t have passed off as an immortal teen in high school.

Charmed, We’re Sure

If Stephenie had her way, OG “Charmed” actor Drew Fuller would have also been a great Edward, too. Fuller’s “Charmed” character Chris was very secretive and shady in the beginning. So, he might have pulled off the role. But seriously, no one other than Pattinson could’ve brought Edward to life.

A Less “Blah” Actress

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“American Gods” actress Emily Browning would have made an amazing Bella. For starters she’s got some amazing Kylie Jenner lips. But in all seriousness, the young actress undoubtedly offers a wider range of emotions that some fans felt Kirsten Stewart never delivered.

A “Strait” Choice

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“The Expanse” actor Steven Strait was Stephenie’s top choice to play werewolf Jacob Black but the role went to Taylor Lautner instead. Given Strait’s good looks, this might have potentially worked, but by the time the first film came along, Strait had gotten too old to play the teen wolf.

Sheer “Anarchy”

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Peter Facinelli did a decent job as Carlisle Cullen, the leader of the Olympic coven. But in Stephenie’s eyes, “Son of Anarchy” star Charlie Hunnam had practically played Carlisle in the film “Nicholas Nickleby.” He’s pretty cute too, so it would’ve been a major score. We actually agree on this one.

Wreck-It, Daddy

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Stephenie would have picked “Wreck-It Ralph” actor John C. Reilly to play Charlie Swan instead of Billy Burke. But then, how would they explain why Bella was so broody all the time when she had a dad with such a bubbly and cheerful face like Reilly has?

Model For A Rose

Giulio Marcocchi / Getty Images

American-Polish model Joanna Krupa would have been Stephenie’s choice for the role of Rosalie Hale, a vampire from the Olympic coven. But the problem is that aside from reality TV, her experience as a film actress is limited.  Fortunately, Nikki Reed’s experience wasn’t bad at all.

No Makeup Required

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Ashley Greene did a nice job as Alice Cullen, but Stephenie would have preferred “Psych” actress Rachel Leigh Cook. Why? Simple. Cook looks like the embodiment of Alice right down to the hairstyle. Even her skin tone matches the character.

Oh, Scarecrow

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Cillian Murphy was a top pick for the role of James, the vampire who tries to eat Bella, and we totally get why. Murphy can play cray-cray quite easily. He proved that when he took on the role of Scarecrow in “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Uncle Jesse, Is That You?

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Can you imagine “Fuller House” actor John Stamos covered in crescent-shaped scars and honey blonde hair? If Stephenie had had her way, he would have played Laurent, the vampire trainer on Twilight. But Stamos is way too baby-faced, unlike actor Edi Mue Gathegi who totally killed it!