These Beloved Hollywood Child Actors Became Hot Successful Adults

Hollywood child stars get a bad rap for winding up behind bars or in rehab for drug addiction. But not everyone gets an unhappy ending. Some actually do grow up to become equally as successful as they did when they were young, and a lot of them will knock your socks off with how super hot they’ve become.

Little Miss Sunshine

Remember Abigail Breslin, who played Olive Hoover on “Little Miss Sunshine”? Well, she’s not so little anymore. In fact, the 21-year-old is drop dead gorgeous and continues to streak the Hollywood red carpet with her hotness.

The Spy Who Turned Sexy

Michelle Trachtenberg went from playing “Harriet The Spy” to being “The Key” on “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”. Then she totally blossomed into this pretty woman in “Eurotrip” and “Gossip Girl”.

The Chronicles Of Georgiestar-4

Leaving Narnia may have been the best thing for 10-year-old as this allowed her to grow up into a hot babe that everyone can appreciate. Of course, she’s a pretty talented actress too.

Show Me The Hotnessstar-5

Remember the cute four-eyed kid from “Jerry Maguire”? Well, Jonathan Lipnicki has tossed the glasses and turned into a hot hunk with 6 pack abs you can bounce a quarter on.

Party Of Five, Anyone

In the 90s, Jennifer Love Hewitt embodied the cheesy flair and youthful exuberance of the decade on “Kids Incorporated”. Then she became extraordinary by the time she took on “Party Of Five” and then “Ghost Whisperer”. This was certainly a transformation we never saw coming.

From Husky To Hunky

The “Drake & Josh” star may have had a bit of baby weight as a kid, but as Josh Peck made healthier choices growing up, he transformed his body and his look into something that will definitely give his Hollywood career the boost it needs.

The Melody Of Hotness

Remember Zac Efron from “High School Musical”? Alright, so he might have looked a bit like a male version of Lindsay Lohan, but he was still cute, in a “please-don’t arrest-me-officer” kind of way. But a few years later, he’s brought sexy back to the upcoming film “Baywatch.”

Is It Wednesday Already

You’ll be screaming Hump Day when you see what Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday on the “Addams Family” looks like today. She even swung her beauty around as well as her axe in Lifetime’s “Lizzie Borden Took an Axe” mini-series.

3rd Stud From The Sun

Joseph Gordon Levitt made hearts flutter as the teen heartthrob alien from “3rd Rock From The Sun.” A decade later, he become one of Hollywood’s sexiest leading men alive. Please abduct us, Joseph!

More Than Meets The Eye

Shia LaBeouf was a virtual unknown as the kid from “Even Steven”. But he transformed into a hot specimen of masculinity for his role in the 4th “Indiana Jones” film and the “Transformers” movie.