Child With 2% Brain Function Shocks Doctors By Making Unbelievable Progress

When doctors learned that a mother’s unborn child would be born with only 2 percent of his brain functioning, they didn’t really think that he would ever get a chance at a normal life. But instead of choosing death, Shelly Wall chose life for her son, and what happened next was nothing short of a miracle.

The Non-Functional Brain

98 percent of Noah Wall’s brain was non-functional while he was still developing in his mother’s womb, and doctors were convinced that the child wouldn’t get to lead a healthy life.

The Abortion Option

Doctors actually told Shelly Wall that it would be a miracle if Noah survived after childbirth, so they suggested that she consider an abortion instead, but she opted not terminate her pregnancy, and it paid off.

The Damage Is Doneboy-3

The reason behind Noah’s nearly unresponsive brain was the result of fluid damage caused by hydrocephalus, a condition in which there is an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid within the brain.

The Head’s Too Bigboy-4

In children, this condition can impede brain function and cause the head to swell up and that’s exactly what had happened to Noah when he was born.

The Miracle Babyboy-5

After being born, Noah’s condition slowly began to improve, which meant his brain began to grow on its own despite the grim diagnosis from his doctors. This gave Shelly a ray of hope.

The Developing Situation

Noah’s brain took a lot longer to develop than usual, but the news was still good. He began to learn and talk despise the slow brain development in comparison to normal children.

The Brain Boostboy-7

By the time he was three years old, Noah’s brain grew up to 80 percent, which allowed him to eventually attend school and learn how to read and write like any normal child.

The Boy With No Brain

In the fall of 2016, BBC aired a documentary called “The Boy With No Brain”, which gave viewers a peep into Noah’s world and his parents who drew courage and overcame hopelessness.

Choosing Life

Noah’s father, Rob said that “it was never an option for us. To me, we wanted to give Noah that chance of life.” Still, it was hard to ignore what doctors were telling them, so Rob and Shelly prepared for Noah’s funeral even before he was born, just in case.

The Follow-Upboy-10

BBC also aired a follow-up documentary called “The Boy Who Grew With A New Brain” which continued to leave viewers speechless over the amazing progress of this little miracle child with an ever developing brain.

A Happy Lifeboy-10

Today, Noah is happy as can be and is able to speak and sing as well. His parents claim that Noah can tell them, “I love you” and “Are you alright?” This is more than Rob or Shelly ever expected four years ago.

The Long Roadboy-12

Noah isn’t entirely out of the woods yet. According to Shelly, he’ll need more surgeries to become a fully functional human being. But every time they see their doctors, the physicians shake their heads in amazement.

The Best Tracer Ever

Not only can Noah count to ten so far, but he can also hold a pen steady to trace the letters of his name, according to the follow-up documentary. According to his mom, Shelly, he’s made major strides in the last 9 months alone.

Mind Over Matter

Shelly and Rob believe that Noah’s astonishing spurt of progress in recent months comes thanks to not only their input, but also the child’s determination, which has allowed him to reach a level of ability beyond what doctors predicted.

The Perfect Lifeboy-15

Noah’s parents are convinced that their son will be able to lead a full and happy life someday. Perhaps, he might land his dream job as a firefighter or a doctor. One thing’s for sure, Noah has proven that nothing is impossible when you set your mind to it.