You Think These Pets Are Real? Take A Closer Look

They seem very really, but take a closer look, these pets are not alive!
These are stuffed figures created by Yomoko, a Japanese artist. These dogs and cats are made of felt and wool, but they look so lifelike!
Yomoko creates all races of dogs such as Corgis and Shiba Inues. She also makes cats and tiny parakeets. These stuffed animals are the perfect gift for any kid that is not allowed to buy (or adopt) a dog or a cat as a pet.
Here are some photos of her creations. They are really amazing! Yomoko takes care of every single detail!

It seems as if they are staring at you.

These stuffed cats could be good company for your pet cat.

Some of these stuffed animals are not real size.


This Shiba dog and her puppy are too cute.

They are 100% handmade.

Do you think this parakeet can sing?


Pug lovers will go crazy for this one.

We want to give this little one a huge hug.

These ones are smiling! So cute!